dimecres, 8 de gener del 2014

Hola Ester, hola Isards,

Aqui ja estic de vacances, vam començar al mateix dia que a Catalunya. 
Vaig estar escoltant les grabacions dels isards. Ho fan prou bé! Em vaig enrecordar de quan vaig fer el meu. 
La neu ens acompanya aquests dies, però encara no n'hi ha prou per a anar a esquiar, quina mala sort.
Des d'aquí també us vull desitjar un bon nadal i un bon any nou!
Molts records,


dimecres, 18 de desembre del 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

Hello Arnau,
We are your friends from Class Isards in Igualada.
Hereby the audios of our presentations. We worked quite a lot in them.
Do you remember your first Project me?
If you listen to them you can know more about us.
We hope you like them!
Enjoy your holidays!!!!!   

dimecres, 27 de novembre del 2013

dimecres, 13 de novembre del 2013

Questions and answers about Canada

How are you doing? I am having a great time, this country is amazing! I have seen the picture of your blog, and this lake is in the Rocky Mountains, a beatiful district near to my district, Comox Valley.
I can see, that my bolg is not very efficient because you have a lot of questions! (just kidding, I know that my blog is AWESOME, kidding! :) )

1. Do you love Canada? I love, Canada! Everyone here loves it. Is a very beautiful country and everyone is very proud of it. In the school we sometimes sing the national anthem and a lot of cars have the canadian flag; sometimes it is too much...
2. Do you like the school? The school in Canada is very different. When you go to high school, you choose every single class that you will take, and during 5 months you will do the 4 classes that you have chosen every day. The classes are longer than in Catalonia, 15 minutes longer. And, after 5 months taking this classes you choose 4 more.
Normally people that like science like me take 2 classes of science, one of languages or social science and other one like band, choir, basketball, PE, rugby, baking class, bulding robots, jazz band, arts, and a long etc. of leisure classes very useful and less stressing.
3.What is your favourite animal in Canada? The animal that I like the most is the bear, but I would like to see a moose (if anyone knows what is a moose I am sure that he will be a master in English!)
4.Do you still d o orienteering?Yes! I have contacted with an orienteering club in Victoria and they have send me a buch of maps from forests arround my city, so I can still practice. And you should try it, it's really fun!
5. Do you have a best friend? Well, a best friend is really difficult to achieve. My best friends are in Igualada, and I know them since Conillets most of them so it takes a lot of time... Here I am doing a lot of friends but normal friends. I have 9 months to get better the friendship so.. We don't know!
6. What is the name of your family? My family is called Joyce
7. Do you like your Canadian family? They are really nice. They love outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, running, etc. and we fit perfectly. The brother of the family, Shawn, is very smart and loves rockets and the space, and is a little bit freak; but is very funny and we are friends
8. Do you like sport? Yes I like it! Every single guy in Canada practice some sport. Unfortunatelly, a lot of them take it very seriously and they train a lot every day. Basketball, Hockey and baseball are the most practiced sports. This professionality makes difficult to international students to join a team like basketball team or rugby team, but in the cross country team we are not so professional and we have lots of fun.
9. Do you like the food? Well, the food is.. Different. They eat less than in Catalonia, but they eat worse.
We normally have breakfast at home, we have lunch at 12 o'clock at the school and we have dinner at 6 at home. For lunch we only eat a sndwich and a fruit or something like this. I have to say that I really miss the food, so don't be bad and love your mediteranean diet that is the best of the world!
10. Have tou seen a bear? One day we went at the mountain after dinner, but we didn't see any bear.. They say that probably in October and November we will see some. But I want to se oneee!
11.Where do you live? I live with a family at Courtenay, in the Comox Valley at Vancouver ISland, at the west coast of Canada
12. What is the main diffeence between Canada and Catalonia?The main difference are the way of life. Having dinner at six makes the people stay more at home and don't go out like in Igualada. The cities are maximum 200 years old, and they don't have flats; everybody lives in houses. That makes the city 2 times bigger and it makes you take the car a lot. Here people is very polite, and they say thankyou and please like 1 billion of times per day; it is amazing.
We have a lot of differences and it is a really good question that the answer will be really long.. I could be writing hours! During the mail I have answered some questions that are useful for this one. And, I go to school with the yellow bus, like Bart Simpson! Probably you know it already but I am very excited!

Are you going to olot for 2 days? I still remembre this trip! It was really fun, but the waether was freezing! One girl forgot her jacket outside during the night and at the morning the jacket was frozen. But learning about the volcanoes in Olot is very interesting, take profit of it!

I am very happy to hear from you and you make me remember these great times at Ateneu. Please have fun now that in measure that you grow up you have a lot of work! (I have to say that being a teenager is the best age of your life)

See you,

dimarts, 8 d’octubre del 2013

Hola Ester! Hi Isards!

Estic molt content i orgullós de vosaltres! Quina canya aquesta classe!! 
Veig que heu avançat molta feina abans del que em pensava jo. 
M'estic morint de ganes de respondre totes les preguntes que em feu. 
Em preguntava si seria millor respondre en angles? Diria que si...
Ja s'està acostant thanksgiving i aquí el celebrem i no tinc classes aquell dia. És al 14 d'octubre, dilluns; així que si voleu fer una "vídeo-conferència" ja m'ho direu. 

dijous, 26 de setembre del 2013

We are 24 pupils in Class Isards: Janna, Ona, Èric, Martí, Seïdou, Arnau, Armand, Nil, Biel, Helena, Jordi, Khaoula, Marta, Carla, Nil, Pol, Aina, Jana, Jan, Ernest , Jana, Mohamed,Arnau and Laia. We are 10 girls and 13 boys, our teacher is Assumpció.We read your post about the hockey match and we enjoyed it a lot. If you go again , please tell us.We like a lot to commmunicate with you.

Now our questions:
Do you like Canada? Do you like your school in Canada? What is the animal you like most  in Canada?
We know that in Igualada you run crosscountry orientation races, can you run them in Canada?
Do you have best friends in Canada? What is the name of your family in Canada? Do you love the family in Canada? Do you like the sport in Canada? Do you like the typical food ? Have you seen a bear  already?Where do you live now? What are the main differences between Canada and Catalonia?
Now the news in Escoles de l'Ateneu Igualadí:
Soon we'll go to the School Camp in Olot.
 If you want to answer us you can  post it in this page:
usuari: isardsateneuigualadi@gmail.com
password: isards1314


You can also use our class adress:

dimecres, 18 de setembre del 2013

Hi Anau, hello Canada!
We are Class Isards, reporting from Escoles de l'Ateneu, Igualada, Catalonia.