dijous, 26 de setembre de 2013

We are 24 pupils in Class Isards: Janna, Ona, Èric, Martí, Seïdou, Arnau, Armand, Nil, Biel, Helena, Jordi, Khaoula, Marta, Carla, Nil, Pol, Aina, Jana, Jan, Ernest , Jana, Mohamed,Arnau and Laia. We are 10 girls and 13 boys, our teacher is Assumpció.We read your post about the hockey match and we enjoyed it a lot. If you go again , please tell us.We like a lot to commmunicate with you.

Now our questions:
Do you like Canada? Do you like your school in Canada? What is the animal you like most  in Canada?
We know that in Igualada you run crosscountry orientation races, can you run them in Canada?
Do you have best friends in Canada? What is the name of your family in Canada? Do you love the family in Canada? Do you like the sport in Canada? Do you like the typical food ? Have you seen a bear  already?Where do you live now? What are the main differences between Canada and Catalonia?
Now the news in Escoles de l'Ateneu Igualadí:
Soon we'll go to the School Camp in Olot.
 If you want to answer us you can  post it in this page:
usuari: isardsateneuigualadi@gmail.com
password: isards1314


You can also use our class adress:

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